What is Club Cougar?

The Best way to describe what Club Cougar is to tell you what a Cougar is. No, we're not talking about the Puma concolor: the mammal that is a member of the Felidae family. Nor are we talking about a fan club to a sports team. If you're looking for information on either one of those, you're in the wrong place!

We're talking about a different kind of Cougar...The Cougar we are talking about comes from the "femalesexualous" family. One that is much more sophisticated but definitely more dangerous than it's feline counterpart. Our Cougar is an attractive woman in her sexual prime who prefers to hunt rather than be hunted. A Cougar prefers her prey to be young, attractive and uncomplicated men. These men are usually in their 20's but will certainly consider men in their 30's as long as they are exceptionally good looking and in shape.

Normally Cougars hunt alone or in small packs of two or three. They can sometimes be found in local nightclub and bars as well as less prominent places like restaurants, health clubs and grocery stores. Club Cougar provides a place where Cougars and their prey can mingle together in an environment conducive to the "hunt". If you are a Cougar who is looking for a variety of "prey" in one place then Club Cougar is for you. If you are young, attractive and interested in meeting and "mating" with Cougars, then Club Cougar is for you as well.